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With the increasingly fierce international market and the need to enter the global market, reliable products are one of the key factors for market penetration and success. Traditional reliability tests ensure that zero failures can no longer meet requirements.

In view of this, we will establish an annual seminar on industrial reliability according to the mission of the center to bring advanced reliability knowledge to the Taiwanese industry. Our first seminar will be held on April 30, 2019. Several keynote speakers from overseas will deliver speeches, all of whom have years of practical industry experience.

The center has the only reliability technology major in Asia. After three years of cooperation with international reliability agencies and industries, the center's human resources and equipment have reached a certain level. The center has also been approved by the school and can be served in a simple way. In the industry, in order to improve the reliability and technical capabilities of enterprises, the center has also successfully signed industry-university cooperation with many enterprises, and the results have been remarkable

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