Chang Gung University finds new application of graphene recognized by international journals

The excellent material properties of graphene have received great attention in various fields in recent years. Cher Ming Tan, director of the Reliability Science and Technology Research Center of Chang Gung University, found that the structure of metal entrained graphene can be widely used in electrochemistry, electroplating, printed circuit board interconnection IC interconnect manufacturing, etc., and found simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods during the experiment .

Cher Ming Tan said that this was a pleasant surprise. Originally, when he was studying, he was worried about whether graphene would be attacked by the electrolyte solution in the IC process. Later, during the experiment, it was found that not only was graphene not corroded in the copper sulfate solution, but it was directly "plated" on copper There is no need to use complicated and contaminated electroplating procedures, so he and his team studied the underlying mechanism and found its scientific basis to successfully complete the follow-up research.


"Graphene" has many unique properties, such as conductivity, heat dissipation, light transmission and excellent mechanical properties. In order to make the interconnection of IC circuit electronic components better, Chen Ming Tan tried to use the "copper-graphene-copper" structure to replace the current "copper" as the material conduction, hoping to pursue better economic benefits and found graphite The good electrical and thermal characteristics of olefin and its compatibility with semiconductor manufacturing processes have great potential to replace current integrated circuit interconnections.


Cher Ming Tan research found a simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective manufacturing method for the "Metal-Graphene-Metal" (MGM) structure. In addition to being affirmed by international journals, it also won the Ministry of Science and Technology's plan for subsidies. He said that this can be fully applied to the IC manufacturing process, and he is ready to thin, engineer and apply for patent promotion.


Cher Ming Tan is an internationally renowned reliability expert. Chang Gung University hired him from Taiwan at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to establish Asia’s first academic unit specializing in product reliability technology. In addition to planning reliability engineering courses for students of university departments and research institutes, it also created professional laboratories, launched industrial service platforms, provided third-party reliability assessment, and provided reliability testing and analysis services for SMEs.

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