Asia is the most complete! "Reliability Science and Technology Research Center" officially opened



The school's "Reliability Science and Technology Research Center" officially opened on February 17, 2017. Under the leadership of Director Cher Ming Tan, the center has handed out brilliant transcripts before opening. In addition to planning the most complete reliability program in Asia, the center attracts The National University of Singapore signed an academic cooperation case, published nine international journal papers, applied for a total of 5 research cases to the Ministry of Science and Technology and Chang Gung Hospital, and signed industry-university cooperation with three listed technology companies. The follow-up development is exciting.


Director Cher Ming Tan is an internationally renowned reliability expert. He is also the former chairman of the Singapore Reliability Engineer Certification Committee and a member of the Singapore Institute of Engineering. Two years ago, he was invited to Taiwan by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Academic unit of degree technology. In addition to advanced reliability engineering courses for students of university departments and research institutes, the center has also built a professional laboratory, plans to launch an industrial service platform, provides third-party reliability assessment, and provides reliability testing and analysis services for SMEs .


Director Cher pointed out that the center is committed to scientific research on product reliability, that is, reliability data analysis and statistics for the physical attenuation of products and scientific estimation of material life. Based on the in-depth understanding of product failure mechanisms to confirm the root cause of attenuation, material innovation, reliability design methods and manufacturing technology development will also become the scope of this central research to provide solutions for products with unreliable standards. The results and methods of these researches and developments can be transformed into internationally competitive technologies for the business community.


In a fiercely competitive global market, improving the advantages of industrial product quality and technical reliability in the market is the driving force for national economic growth. Director Cher said that most of the tests currently performed by the outside world are only to show whether the products have qualified standards, and they cannot understand their true pros and cons and life cycle. If it can be tested and analyzed by scientific reliability, the value and competitiveness of products can be improved at a reasonable cost.


In particular, many products are closely related to people's lives, such as cars or various consumer electronic products. Through reliability testing, they are a guarantee for manufacturers and consumers. In the event of an explosion, in the end, it can only quickly move towards the fate of suspension of production.


Director Cher also pointed out that although the "reliability" has attracted more and more attention and attention in recent years, because of the complexity and multi-disciplinary scientific nature of this discipline, it is difficult to find professionals, and there has been a lack of perfect Chang Gung University has already been favored by the National University of Singapore after its first investment in academic planning and research programs. Students will come to Taiwan for study this semester.


On the day of the opening ceremony on February 17, the center not only invited the internationally renowned University of Maryland Prof. Michael Pecht to attend the speech, the school's President Bao Jiaju, President of Mingzhi University of Science and Technology Liu Zuhua, Chairman of the Republic of China Quality Society Liu Lizong and more than 20 manufacturers The guests all attended the meeting in person and shared the joy of the opening of the center.


With this opportunity, Director Cher Ming Tan also introduced the professional laboratory owned by the center to the outside world. He pointed out that the vision of the center is to enable people to enjoy reliable high-tech products at a reasonable price, hoping to provide the most complete Reliability-related services and research make its product quality and technology more globally competitive. The products designed and manufactured in Taiwan can be placed on the international stage because of their reliability, not just by price.


In addition, in order to ensure that the center keeps pace with the technological development of the world, Director Cher said that the center will set up an advisory committee, with Professor Michael Pecht as an international consultant. The reliability is required and its future development is expected.

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