Recruitment of PhD students


The Chang Gung University Reliability Science and Technology Research Center is a university-level research center that specializes in the reliability of materials, equipment, circuits, modules, and systems.

The vision of the center is to improve the quality of life at a reasonable cost, and to embed reliability into product design through scientific and cost-effective methods to increase product value and global competitiveness.

Therefore, the mission of the center is to understand the science of product / material degradation, thereby transforming scientific knowledge into design reliability technology. The center also has many international students.


We continue to have projects to study reliability science and technology, and the center is recruiting graduate students to realize the center's vision and mission.

There are currently five vacancies and scholarships will be provided for each student, enough to cover your accommodation, tuition and living expenses.

1. Two PhD students on UASP quantum formulas evaluated the material properties. 

2. A PhD student in electronic device design and simulation

3. A PhD student in electronic circuit design and simulation

4. A PhD student using ANSYS for finite element analysis

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