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Product reliability is a key to global competition for companies.  While standard reliability tests according to international standards are commonly done, this cannot predict product lifetime under different environmental operating conditions, and it is also after the fact, i.e after the products are designed and fabricated.  It will be more cost effective and competitive if one can design in the reliability for different mission profile, or to predict the failure rate from one test condition to other operating conditions.

Fortunately, this can now be done through the introduction of Reliability Science which is a relatively new discipline where Prof Tan Cher Ming, founding director of the Center of Reliability Science and Technology is among the pioneer in developing such discipline. It applies basic science into product engineering, and many real industry applications have been successful.  

Science or engineering persons with such reliability science can be highly demanded.  Currently, there is one Taiwan based Multi-national company is engaging Prof Tan where the actual implementation of such discipline will be made begin from design to the end products.  I am now recruiting a person with either science or engineering based master’s degree to join me in this project.  This is a 3 years Joint project between the Reliability Centre and the company.  As the company is in great need for trained reliability personnel, the company will evaluate the researcher working in this project annually for the possible transfer to the company as a formal staff.  

If you have the good knowledge on physics and/or chemistry, knowledge on statistics or good engineering knowledge, with a good attitude to learn and passion to excel, you are welcome to apply.  It is a full time position.  No nationality is limited as the company is a multi-national company. 


If you are interested, please write to me directly at

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